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GEWISS offers technology that meets any system requirements in the Residential, Service and Industrial sectors. GEWISS aims to provide Integrated Electrical Systems that offers the most in terms of design, safety and functionality

Our Vision

INNOVATION is a process that starts from an idea and creates a product with added value, accepted in the market. INNOVATION in GEWISS is not limited to the research and development division, instead involves all the group and its directions, from promotion and training up to the sale of products . and in a wider sense absorbs all the market.
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A wide range of design products with advanced technological solutions that combine safety, comfort, energy saving, remote control and communication.

The GEWISS Protection System: a technologically advanced offer of modular devices and moulded case circuit breakers, integrated with a wide range of enclosures, metal distribution boards and cabinets.

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Leading range of industrial connections meeting most application requirements and an integrated system of distribution panels for special, fixed or mobile electrical plants, co-ordinated from an electrical, design and functional standpoint.

GEWISS, market leader in the junction boxes and special enclosures sectors, provides also a complete, co-ordinated range of surface and flush-mounting distribution panels and boards. GEWISS conduit systems connect the elements of the Integrated Electrical System: from steel and PVC cable trays, to plastic ducts, to flexible and rigid protective conduits.

The Integrated Electrical System is completed by lighting products advanced in technology and design, ideal for industrial and road applications, indoor and outdoor decorative installations and emergency lighting.

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