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Solutions / A Guide to Staircase Lighting


Stair lighting is often overlooked when designing an interior décor. You may have beautiful lighting in your hallway and on your landing but are you missing a trick by not focusing on the stairway itself? Stairwell lighting needs to be primarily functional but if done well can add instant impact to the core of your home.
Give careful consideration to the size and shape of your staircase to achieve the very best look when lighting this area.

What options are available?

Feature Lights

If you have a spiral staircase and high ceilings a beautiful pendant light cascading through the centre of your stairwell will add the ‘wow’ factor. The UR508 in polished chrome with glass balls will illuminate this dark space bringing instant glamour to the hallway.

Discreet Lighting

If you want effective stair lighting but prefer a more subtle approach consider under tread lighting. The 5M LED Flexi Strip – Warm White can be installed under the stairs to provide a warm glow on each step. It can be cut to length to fit with the size and shape of your stairs. The LED flexi strip can also be dimmed to create the perfect ambient lighting. For a splash of colour there is the option of mesmerising blue 5M LED Flexi Strip – Blue. If your stairway is set very slightly away from the wall, lights can be embedded into the staircase itself to produce a glowing line along the trim of your stairs.

Runway Effect

If you have wooden steps, regardless of depth, recessed stair lighting on the stairs themselves will guide you up and down your stairway. Unlike the Flexi Strips these lights will be visible to the eye but can be as subtle or bold as you like. Recessed lights can also be positioned along skirting boards up the stairs.

Forward Facing

Don’t just think indoors for stairways. If your property has a sweeping set of steps leading to the entrance to your front door then consider forward facing illuminated tiles set into the brickwork. They combine the subtle glow of the flexi strip with more visibility than the recessed light.
Wall Lights

If you have a very narrow staircase you may prefer not to install lights in or around the treads at all. Wall Lights are then a good option. Choose a style to match the décor in your home.

Stair lighting shouldn’t be a neglected area in a stylish home and we hope we have given you some food for thought when putting your ideas together. Personal taste and style will play an important part in your decision making but don’t forget simple fun ideas too such as wrapping festive fairy lights around the banisters.
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