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Latest News / ACDC Dynamics Halloween 2017

ACDC Dynamics Halloween 2017

Well we all certainly work very hard at ACDC Dynamics, we are sometimes offered the opportunity to have some fun as well. And apparently this opportunity is grabbed with both hands, by as many people possible, as if they are all wearing gloves made out of suction cups and covered in fresh superglue. Halloween would obviously be one of these examples.

Our accounts department appear to really take the Halloween challenge to heart, while most people might be scared to go into the accounts department at the best of times, on this day the accounts team really went out of their way to make sure that it was a truly terrifying place to be. Well done everyone, the place looked amazing, we will seriously be looking into using this as a permanent tactic to see if we can get all our customers to pay on time.

It took them the whole year to get the spiders in the roof to build those webs just right

The one time a year we take out a moment to remember the ones who didn’t make it

Not to be left behind, our warehouse staff, clearly experts with handling great fear, got in on the fun as well. When you have handled as many missing stock issues, last minute inter-branch transfers and stock takes as this team has, it does not seem like it is possible for anything else to actually scare them, so while we thought they would all dress up as a stock discrepancy investigation form (the horror!), they really blew our expectations out of the water. Well done everyone!

To get the poses for this photo, we got everyone to say “overtime” instead of “cheese”

Bruce wasn’t dressed up, we just keep him around for motivation when we need to cut budgets

While perhaps not being such experts in handling fear, our sales team certainly are an inventive bunch. Perhaps from the amount of time they spend “dressing up” our products to our customers, they showed some amazing make up skills…

In sales you smile about open face wounds, it means you might get some time off

Would you like to play a game? No? Just place an order? Sigh. Fine

Halloween isn’t all doom and gloom, of course, and many people went out of their way to remind us that with every trick there should also be a treat. There were some delicious examples of this available for everyone to share.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the staff that put in time and effort to participating in the day. At this hectic time of year it really is a fantastic way to relieve some of the pressure.

If you would like to see more photo’s of the day, please click here.