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Latest News / ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow Retail Section to be Summoned to Court

ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow Retail Section to be Summoned to Court

The ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow retail section today received the very unpleasant news that they have been summoned to appear at the North Pole High Court on charges of elf kidnapping.

The complainant, a Mr S. Clause, laid the charges at his local police station after visiting the ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow retail section in early November. When approached for a statement, Mr S. Clause had the following to say: “I had just popped into the ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow retail store to pick up a few odds and ends for around the house, it is a bit of a distance, but it is just impossible to beat the range that they have. Imagine my surprise to find out that the entire store had been decorated to the most amazing degree I have ever seen in a retail store, with the most fantastical selection of Christmas lights. It is simply impossible that they have done this themselves, they must have somehow kidnapped an entire crew of my specially trained elves, a very serious violation, and I went straight to the police station to lay the charges.”

When approached for his side of the story, the manager of the ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow retail section seemed to be lost for words. He did have this to say though: “I am a very big fan of Mr S. Clause, and we have followed his work very carefully over the years. To be honest we are taking this as a compliment, we know that there has been no wrongdoing on our side, we worked very hard to get our retail store looking as good as it does now, and we can assure you, everything we have achieved was as a result of our own skill, with a big dose of inspiration from Mr S. Clause. We do not have the means to even begin planning to kidnap one elf, never mind an entire team of them, the charges are preposterous.”

This humble reporter went down to the ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow retail section to take some pictures, and see what Mr. S. Clause was talking about. The pictures fail to do true justice to the majesty of the lighting setup, you really will have to go there to see them for yourself, and I am afraid that ACDC Dynamics will be hard pressed to successfully defend themselves against these very serious allegations, the evidence is simply too damning, and the lights look too incredible.

The initial hearing is scheduled for the 1st of January 2018, but the ACDC Dynamics Longmeadow retail team have flat out refused to take down any of the Christmas lights until then. More pictures of the evidence below: