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Solutions / Aluminium LED Profile Installation Guide


Aluminium LED Profile Installation Guide

Please note that these instructions are guidelines only and in no way supersede any construction or installation standards. Local building and electrical codes should be consulted before installation.

Attention:Review enclosed LED Ribbon Light Installation Guide before proceeding

There is potential danger of electrical shock when operating electrical components. Make sure power is turned off before installation
Do not install in a sealed environment – allow for heat dissipation and adequate ventilation
Install Aluminium LED Profile in properly rated environment
Aluminium LED Profile stock length is 1.8 m

Note: Aluminium LED Profile is rated IP20; it is recommended to remove lens cover for cleaning on a scheduled basis


Factory Termination
Aluminium LED Profile is assembled and does not require any mechanical work. Connect lighting as per LED Ribbon wiring diagrams.

Field Termination
1. Lay out and measure the length of the LED Ribbon

2. Cut Aluminium Track and Lens with mitre saw to suit LED Ribbon length – add 6 mm extra length for end cap. Miter joints at 45° can allow the track to take 90° corner turns
Tip: Cut the track and lens in place for a flush edge

3. Apply silicone adhesive on to track

4. Place LED Ribbon light on the flat surface in the channel

5. Use masking tape to fasten LED Ribbon in place while adhesive cures

6. Allow adhesive minimum of 24 hours to dry; it takes 7 days to fully cure
Tip: Align multiple aluminium tracks end to end to connect pieces longer than stock length

7. Fit the lens onto the aluminium track

8. If a hole doesn’t already exist, drill one through an end cap to allow LED lighting lead wires to pull through

9. Fit end caps onto the finished profile

If you are fitting/moulding your own coving, you can choose how far down from the ceiling you want it. Once your coving is in place, a good tip for positioning your LED tape is to fix it as far from the back wall as you can, so as to avoid seeing visible light-dotting. (Try to fit it at least 50mm from the wall.)


Mounting Clip

1. Mount track clips onto surface with flathead screw

2. Snap on Aluminium LED Profile to clips

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