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Careers / Category Specialist - Gewiss Domotics

Category Specialist - Gewiss Domotics
Reference Number "LONG-CSG-001"
Date Posted : 3 Feb 2020   Available Positions :  1
Purpose :

The Category Specialist Gewiss Domotics responsible for maintaining an array of customer accounts as well as achieving high sales targets. These are also responsible for building strong sustainable relationships with existing as well as new clients.

Provide Technical support and advice on RSA standards as well as specify products into applications for Industry

Typical Job Functions include, but are not limited to:
  1. Analysis of the marketplace as well as design and execute a market strategy based on their product offering and relative to the client base demographics by reporting back to the divisional manager on a monthly basis.
  2. Identify and capitalise on new product opportunities by positioning respective product range in client stores.
  3. Together with respective Category managers, develop product launch programs as well as formulate of customer days or product awareness campaigns within our client portfolio, within one month of the product being received.
  4. Liaise with Category Manager ensuring sales targets are met by responding to client emails and calls within 48 hours and formulating enquiries and quotes weekly.
  5. Analysing current marketplace by giving feedback on important market and competitive information to the relevant Category manager on a weekly basis
  6. Train clients and staff on products in a structured manner in prearranged intervals weekly
  7. Generate new leads, follow up on leads within 48 hours and execute sales strategies given by category manager and develop existing customers weekly
  8. Utilize sample stock, demo suitcases, catalogues and charts to promote respective product awareness with every customer visit
  9. Managing employer’s expectations, client relationships and providing these with excellent service and support at all times.
  10. Feedback all suggestions for improvement via market research to respective Category manager on a weekly basis
  11. Continuously assist in, as well as liaising with any business partners with respects to any exhibition of any type with reference to ACDC Dynamics and making yourself available for such an event to assist in ensuring the smooth running of such expo
  12. Planning as well as submission of weekly calls.
  13. Reporting on sales activities weekly Identify possibilities for turnkey projects, and propose turnkey solutions with the help of the relevant Category/Brand managers, Category/Brand Specialist and Systems Integrators.
  14. Conduct 4 to 8 weekly calls on industry in order to provide solutions and product offerings.
Qualifications, Skills and Competencies :
  • Matric
  • Electrical Qualifications,
Experience :
  • 3 Years of sales in an electrical environment
  • Admin or Similar Role experience 
  • External Sales Experience
  • Experience with South-African National Standards 
If you don’t hear back from us within 14 days of your application please consider your application unsuccessful