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Latest News / Drives to suit any application

Drives to suit any application

ACDC Dynamics has always strived to be a market leader in offering the widest range of products from ACDC Dynamics supply chain of global leaders. ACDC Dynamics will be introducing the Danfoss VLT® range into its already comprehensive range of Danfoss VACON® variable speed drives. With the introduction of the Danfoss VLT® range of variable speed drives, ACDC Dynamics will be offering the full breadth and depth of a product range needed for any application. Whatever you need, ACDC Dynamics will always get the right drive for your application. VLT® drives position you at the forefront of the energy-efficiency race. Outmanoeuvring other precision drives, they excel, with remarkable fit, functionality and diverse connectivity. VLT® drives play a key role in the rapid urbanization through an uninterrupted cold chain, fresh food supply, building comfort, clean water and environmental protection. Benefit from the universally-compatible VLT® effectiveness where ease of use unites seamlessly with high precision, synchronization and speed.

You achieve servo-like performance with rationalized elegance, free of complexity. Secure long-term economic benefits with documented low system-lifetime cost. VLT® drives consistently deliver, whether in Food and Beverage, Water and Wastewater, HVAC, Refrigeration, Material Handling, or Textile applications. The steadfast longevity of VLT® drives is directly attributable to world-class quality assurance placing VLT® drives right at the sharp end. The sharp end of global resource management and factory automation. Danfoss VLT® comes with numerous features and benefits some have been highlighted below,

Predictive and condition-based maintenance powered by intelligent drives.


If you’re looking to realize untapped potential in your systems with intelligence, you know that adding more intelligence often means adding more components, sensors and complexity. Danfoss intelligent drives can act as your smartest IoT sensor without the complexity. Our intelligent drives gather data from multiple sources by leveraging internal and external sensors. They use intelligence on the edge to generate valuable insights and send actionable data to the cloud or on-premises system, so it can be distributed where it’s needed. Our drives work with any platform and application, enabling predictive maintenance to increase performance, efficiency and uptime while lowering complexity.

Higher data security
By applying intelligence close to the data source and processing data on the edge, intelligent drives increase data protection. They avoid the transmission of raw data to the cloud, on-premises data-storage or automation system, which reduces the amount of data at risk of interception or compromise.

Reduced investment
You can use the drive as a smart hub for external sensors, such as vibration sensors and pressure sensors, to enable condition-based monitoring and process control. As you only need one drive to create a hub, you can avoid spending on additional sensors and gateways.

Lower data cost
Streaming and processing raw data in the cloud can be costly. Distributing intelligence and processing data on the edge means you can send pre-processed data, which reduces bandwidth and simplifies data analysis in the cloud.

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