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Dynamic Discussion

Welcome to ACDC Dynamic Discussions. We will be sharing product knowledge, technical features, benefits, cutting edge technology, our latest specials, promotion and all things ELECTRICAL.

ACDC Dynamics strives to provide solutions for ALL your day-to-day electrical needs and requirements.

ACDC SMART :A Dynamic Discussion about SMART IOT appliances. Take a look at our Smart WIFI products which is the first easy step into home automation and a brighter future!
Duration : 8.01 Minutes
ACDC TOOLS :Presenting ACDC Dynamics range of high quality, ergonomically designed, precision screwdrivers tool kit on #dynamicdiscussions
Duration : 1.22 Minutes
CUSTOMER CARE :Great interactions begin with knowing your customer's wants and needs. We know how frustrating it is to experience poor customer support. Well, we have made it simple for you!
Duration : 1.37 Minutes
BLUE NOVA :Trying to cut electricity costs and keep your business and house operating at an affordable price? This year we're all about saving electricity & cutting costs!
Duration : 4.14 Minutes
GEWISS: In the event the switch trips, the ReStart devices, after checking the system status, restore the power supply thereby ensuring maximum continuity of service in complete safety.
Duration : 5.33 Minutes
Energy Efficient Water Heating Technology: Replace your geyser with the latest water heating technology for your home or office use.
Duration : 3.49 Minutes
ACDC Dynamics Panel Workshop : For the past 30 years, ACDC Dynamics Panel Workshop has been manufacturing motor starters, pool boxes, DBs, PFCs as standard products from the ACDC DYNAMICS catalogue.
Duration : 3.13 Minutes
Danfoss - Boosting Electrification : Leading the way to sustainable transformation - We're meeting many of the world's climate, urbanization, and food challenges
Duration : 3.25 Minutes
Smart Automation Solutions: With the new ACDC SMART WIFI Timers, you can now control electronic devices at home from your smart phone with just a click.
Duration : 2.37 Minutes
Introduction : Welcome to the ACDC Dynamic Discussions; Meet our ACDC Dynamics Product specialists who will be discussing various interesting products and everything Electrical
Duration : 0.55 Minutes
IP Camera: The latest camera technology with Excellent Night vision and a triple warning system - Alarm, light & alerts
Duration : 3.25 Minutes
Cordless Hammer drills: This battery operated, 2 Amp Power Battery, 20V Power Tool, impact hammer drill is all you ever needed for all your DIY projects.
Duration : 1.41 Minutes
Seek Thermal: Everything you ever needed to know about the seek thermal imaging camera from our ACDC Dynamics Specialist / See the Unseen
Duration : 1.37 Minutes
Load-shedding Back Up Power Solutions : Don’t be left in the dark during load shedding
Duration : 5.00 Minutes
Silux Home Automation : Silux Control® an affordable Lifestyle Automation system
Duration : 2.25 Minutes
Load-shedding & Back Up Lighting Solutions: With our range of emergency lighting you will never be left in the dark during load shedding.
Duration : 2.26 Minutes
How much Solar Power do you need? Let us take you through how to measure your energy consumption and advise on the best back-up power solutions for you.
Duration : 3.24 Minutes
As South Africans, security is a top priority and a great place to start is with a well-lit perimeter or garden. We have a range of floodlights perfect for your home.
Duration : 2.25 Minutes
Dehn Domestic range of surge protection devices, made for you! Use these devices to protect your electronic devices from fluctuations in our power system that could send harmful surges to your TVs, laptops & even your DSTV.
Duration : 1.55 Minutes
WIFI IP Camera : Brilliant, DIY, WIFI enabled camera, perfect as a nanny cam, or to check up on what's happening at home or business. With 720P video clarity and full 2-way communication, this is ideal for all applications.
Duration : 1.48 Minutes
SMART Wireless Alarm System : This is the perfect alternative to armed response, monitored alarms. It is DIY, GSM & WIFI enabled and can notify 5 individual people simultaneously in the case of an emergency. With 2-way communication and an 18-hour battery back up, this alarm system will not let you down!
Duration : 1.47 Minutes
007 Covert WIFI Clock Camera : Aesthetically appealing, non-intrusive, covert cameras are now available and will blow your mind with how simple they are to install & use.
Duration : 2.55 Minutes
ECOBOXX 160DC : The perfect portable solar solution is now available. Perfect for charging your phones and lighting up your home during loadshedding. With it being cost-effective and easy to use, this makes it perfect for you!
Duration : 1.55 Minutes
PALAZZOLI XCEE : Their latest XCEE range brings this wealth of experience together with the newest production techniques to create what could be the gold standard of industrial plugs.
Duration : 3.20 Minutes