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Latest News / Fire Rated Switch Disconnectors

Fire Rated Switch Disconnectors

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Fire Rated Switch Disconnectors

Ventilation and smoke extraction systems are designed to assist building evacuation and fire rescue operations in the case of a serious fire. They do this by reducing roof temperatures and delaying lateral fire expansion in order to allow more effective attempts at extinguishing the fire, as well as to allow maximum time for people to escape the vicinity of the emergency.

This is important in applications such as car parks, tunnels, warehouses, various industrial buildings, workshops as well as any densely crowded public buildings.

As a part of this system, the fire rating of switch disconnectors play a pivotal role, due to the fact that if power to the ventilation system is cut due to conditions of great heat, then the systems will be unable to fulfil their function, resulting in a more deadly fire. Certificate standard EN-1201-3 applies to these smoke and heat control systems detailing the required specifications for powered smoke and heat exhaust fans. In order to absolutely guarantee complete safety under emergency conditions, all of the ventilation system components (including the switch disconnector) must comply with the standard requirements. The Gave engineering team has developed a fire rated switch disconnector specifically for these stringent conditions and it has passed all the required laboratory testing.


The development of products rated to provide fire resistance in order to guarantee electrical functional integrity under extreme circumstances, requires the employment of specialist laboratories capable of reproducing, in a controlled manner, similar conditions to present when a fire occurs. .

The recognized AFITI laboratory has facilities that allow constant pressure and temperature monitoring in the testing area, ensuring that the temperature curve is replicated as required by the standard. Under these conditions the Gave range of fire rated switch disconnectors have been tested, and have passed to the full extent required by the EN-1201-3 standard.

Advanced Material

The development of the fire rated switch-disconnector required exploring technical materials able to offer a controlled coefficient of technical expansion (CTE) combined with excellent mechanical resistance and dimensional stability under high temperature conditions. High performance polymers mixed with additives allow the switches to resist erosion while offering stable dimensions and keeping component lubricity even in high temperatures.

IP65 protection: Sealing is injected in the enclosure lid, ensuring an IP65 degree of protection according to EN 60529.
Surface finish: The enclosure is coated with epoxy polyester powder grey colour (RAL 7032 aluminium -7035 steel) with a semi-gloss textured finish made using electrostatic projection and a high temperature oven dry. This treatment provides excellent protection against chemical agents.
Cabling: Connection to the switch is made through two threaded metric entries placed on the top of enclosure with the other at the bottom.
Handle: A safety/emergency handle with a padlockable facility (up to 4 padlocks) in the disconnect position in order to guarantee safety during maintenance operations. Additionally the handle can be padlocked in all positions.
Enclosure: The enclosure is prepared to have direct contact with any external sources of heat and acts as a firewall diminishing heat from affecting the switch.

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