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Latest News / Head Office End of Year Function 2017

Head Office End of Year Function 2017

After some fantastic results, in a very difficult year, it was time for the staff from the Head Office and Germiston branches, to take some time to appreciate the victories of the year, and to have a small celebration.

Of course, this is ACDC Dynamics and we don’t know how to do anything on a small scale. We were graciously hosted by the Salsa Mexican Grill , newly opened in Boksburg, who went out of their way to accommodate the 100 staff in attendance. This was no small feat, as we took an entire floor of the restaurant to ourselves, and all who attended were in the mood to party.

After some delicious Mexican food, and some refreshing jugs of mojito’s, the place was truly buzzing with good feelings and happiness, it was impossible to turn in any direction and not be met with smiling faces and laughter, and an invitation to have a shot of tequila. So basically the same as a normal work day, just without the smiles and laughter.

With an impromptu DJ set up in the venue, thanks again to the fantastic service from Salsa, Mario Maio took the time to thank all the staff for their dedication and hard work, as well as to pass on some inspirational words and encouragement for the year to come. This was shortly followed by a very impressive dance number, to the tune of ACDC’s “Thunderstruck”, which by itself should be enough to keep the company inspired for the next decade.

Of course, as soon as the dance floor opened, so did the flood gates of good times. While it is not something normally offered by the venue, they will be very seriously considering making it a permanent fixture when they saw just how much attention it drew. We got to learn some valuable insights as to the hidden dance talents of a good portion of the staff, and really that is invaluable.

A huge thank you to Mario and Guida, for making the event possible, and taking the time out to celebrate with the staff. We often dedicate so much time to the pursuit of results in the business that we forget to celebrate the achievements, which is what makes the event so fantastic.

Of course, we would also like to extend a big thank you to all the staff who attended, and let their hair down, to make the event truly memorable. Please always remember that no matter what, under absolutely any circumstances, what happens in Presley’s, stays in Presley’s.

Please see below for some more photos from the event.