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Latest News / Home Automation with GEWISS DOMOTICS

Home Automation with GEWISS DOMOTICS

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The CHORUS domotic system enables smart home management, thanks to the automation of all the main functions (climate control, lighting, movement of roller shutters/curtains, etc.), to encourage a more conscious use of energy and therefore notable savings of electricity and water. CHORUS lets you choose the most suitable solution for every specific need.

In fact, all the devices can be used together to obtain the highest energy efficiency class.

Integrated with a variety of stylish switch and socket finishes with a wide choice from the GEWISS colour pallet. GEWISS presents a variety of new colours for ONE and GEO plates.

Six new shades of colour, fresh and casual, bringing its minimalist style to every location: the timeless appeal of Caribbean Blue, the brilliant sheen of Topaz Blue, the crystalline elegance of Amethyst Purple, the passionate balance of Sapphire Pink, the mysterious charm of Opal Orange and the modern classicism of Satin Black. The new colours are a great addition to the existing colour palette (white, black, ivory, hemp, titanium, slate, chrome, gold, ruby, sea blue), providing harmonies and nuances that release the imagination.

Adding to the powerful range of GEWISS Chorus range, is the ICE TOUCH range.

Introducing the new ICE Touch KNX touchscreen panels with interchangeable symbols. Available in KNX and KNX Easy versions, the new touch screen panels are a highly customisable design solution to control KNX home automation systems.

The new touchscreen panels meet the most sophisticated technological and design requirements and represent a new frontier in illuminated devices. The new ICE Touch KNX devices offer an entirely new experience: a home which reflects any change with just one touch. A perfect alchemy that brings together the purity of glass, the detail of the touch commands, and the elegance of the illuminated symbols. The coloured, customisable illuminated symbols, enhance the elegance of the glass plate, which is available in three colours: pure white, modern titanium and sophisticated black.

The range is now enhanced with a new and valuable solution for climate control: Thermo ICE. The new thermostats are a smart way to control temperature in the home: at any time of the day or night, you can set the climate control systems to just the right temperature, without any unnecessary waste of energy. Thermo ICE is built around a glass plate, available in black, white or titanium, touch commands, an RGB touch slider and a backlight display with white LEDs.

Thermo ICE Wi-Fi combines the Thermo ICE features with some advanced features, available remotely. With the Thermo ICE APP, available for free for iOS and Android, Thermo ICE Wi-Fi can be managed remotely, becoming a programmable thermostat. With the APP you can control the thermostat, perform the time scheduling of the weekly profiles manually or through the self-learning function. With this function, the device learns the user's settings for a week; and at the end of the week the profile is made available automatically. The APP is available both for smartphones and tablets and is linked to the thermostat through a Cloud connection. Thermo ICE KNX is a solution for home automation systems, using KNX protocol.

Various control options are available with this home automation solution:
Remote Home Control
Burglar Alarm control
Gas leak Detection
Flood prevention
Smart Energy Management
Audio Visual Control
Garden Lighting Control
Home Control from your SMART PHONE

Please note: All Domotics products need to be allocated and installed by a professional Home Automation Service Provider.

One of the following Domotics Product Specialist will work with you to ensure the correct products are chosen to ensure a smooth installation process:

For any queries you can contact our Gewiss manager, Gary Human on, or contact our recommended installers directly with the following details:

Green Leaf Alternative Solutions
David Falkenberg
+27 11 705 2427

Province Lighting
Arthur Fonseca
+27 21 464 4661
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