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Latest News / Hunter Fleur and her Gear

Hunter Fleur and her Gear

Hunter Fleur and her Gear
This article is part of a series, to see the full series you can click here.

Hoe gaan dit to everyone reading. I am taking some time out from my busy hunting schedule to help out my tjommas over at ACDC Dynamics, they have asked me to talk about how exactly I manage to be so cool. Not even a problem. I know exactly how I do that and if you ever want me to talk about it, I will gladly do so. I am also not surprised that they have asked me, I know that women like me don’t grow in trees (we just hide in them).

[Editor’s note: We are afraid that Fleur was not shy about her use of bad language, we have had to edit it out as best we can.]

Now well it may be true that I arrived at the beautiful art of hunting very late in life, and I only started because of my boyfriend at the time, that f#$%#g bl@#%m Christo, dragged me along against my will, but once I started, I instantly fell in love with the sport, much the same way Christo later fell in love with that f#$%#g pavement special Liandri from his work. So my love for hunting outlasted my love for f#$%#g Christo, but it just goes to show, you arrive at your destination in funny ways sometimes, and you just have to go with it. It also goes to show that you should not teach your girlfriend how to shoot a deadly weapon accurately before you cheat on her with some stuk gemors that you found in the gutter.

You better run, you no good d#$%*rse bl@#%m, this rifle has a fantastic range.

If you want to be cool in life, you need to be able to stay focused on your target. Like my tattoo (that you will only get to see if you are the most f#$%#g lucky man on the planet) says, “If flies, it dies. If it hops, it drops. If it hooks, it cooks.” I got it to remind me that I am a strong, independent woman, and I TAKE what I want, when I want it, I am not waiting around in a kitchen like some f#$%#g poppie for life to happen to me. Yes, this has made getting another boyfriend a little bit difficult, because all men that I pursue call me too “aggressive” or f#$%#g whatever, but come on man, grow a pair and get your head out of your a$@, I am a lady with an incredible rack… Of guns, and I know what I want, just deal with it. Don’t make a sound like f#$%#g pregnant giraffe trying to climb a tree in the dark when you walk in on me gutting my kill of the day on the dining room table, and we will be fine.

I don’t care what anyone says this is the only way that this movie should have ended.

The next thing you need to be cool is dedication to your purpose in life. Most people don’t even know what that means. It’s not enough to know what you want, you have to be willing to sweat and bleed for what you want. You think it is easy for me to look drop dead gorgeous and be a deadly killer at the same time? No! It takes hours of preparation, hunting up and down countless malls, finding just the right accessories for my next hunting trip. Is it necessary to wear camouflage underwear? No! But that is just how dedicated I am. Although, I have learnt the hard way, DO NOT camouflage your gun, no matter how dedicated you are, because if you put it down even for a second, there is a very good chance you might not find it again.

Can you see the gun in this picture? Trick question, no one can, because it’s camouflaged.

The final bit of advice I will give you, is that being prepared with the right gear is essential. This is where my tjommas at ACDC Dynamics come into the picture. Whether I need solar lights to help me set up camp, and give me light to clean and reload all my weapons at night out on my hunting trips, torches to help me get around in the dark, or even cable ties (I swear to you that I can build an entire tent out of nothing but cable ties, I never leave home without them), ACDC Dynamics always has me covered. They even had this really f#$%#g koel heat detection camera attachment for my iPhone, that let me find animals by their heat signatures, while taking a selfie and updating my status, talk about multi-tasking like a baas! I have only used it to find and scare the living daylights out of my neighbour’s cat when he kept taking k*ks on my patio, but still, I can’t wait to try it out in the field.


At ACDC Dynamics we have a fantastic range of solar light, torches, cable ties and thermal imaging cameras on special right now. For more details you can read on below:

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