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Careers / Key Account Associate - Longmeadow

Key Account Associate - Longmeadow
Reference Number "LONG-KAA-001"
Available Positions :  1
Primary Purpose of the Role:
The Key Account Associate is assigned at set group of customers.Were the induvial is tasked to maintain and develop a business orientated relationship. By taking ownership of the accounts, improving ACDC Dynamics interest in the allocated customer base and facilitating the sales process between ACDC Dynamics and the customer. Through the interactions with the clientele achieve agreed upon targets and implement ACDC Dynamics business initiatives.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Meet monthly targets set by company
  • Update CTC reports weekly
  • Call on assigned customers base with 8 constructive call daily.
  • Product introduction to client two samples per week. Samples needs to be cycled weekly
  • Housekeeping of customers account inclusive of ACDC Branding
  • Rotate entire customer base within a four-week cycle

General Roles and Responsibilities

  • Find and capitalise on new product opportunities and possible turnkey projects by positioning the brand of ACDC in these customers.
  • Analise current marketplace and provide accurate feedback on important market activities and provide sufficient feedback in weekly sales meetings
  • Executing sales strategies and implement then throughout customer base
  • Utilizing sample stock, demo suitcases, catalogues and charts to promote
  • respective product awareness that will be required to be rotated weekly
  • Managing employer’s expectations, client relationships and providing these with excellent service and support always.
  • Dealing with and responding to high volumes of emails and calls daily
  • Planning as well as submission of call plans weekly.
  • Assist as and when required at management discretion.
  • Attending of ad hoc training sessions weekly
  • Compile accurate and precise calendar entries with a briefing on what transpired during sales calls
Key Behaviour Traits
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to work within groups and other divisional groups
  • Innovation
  • The ability to see opportunities and suggest actions doing things differently and effectively.
  • Integrity
  • The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Positivity
  • The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude

Performance Indicators

  • Tracking Reports
  • CTC
  • Customer base Net sales Growth
  • Sales by category
  • Biannual performance reviews
  • Customer Rotation
  • Outlook Calendar and entries
If you don’t hear back from us within 14 days of your application please consider your application unsuccessful