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Laerskool Van Dyk

Schools are an integral part of society where every child can feel safe and nurtured. They are a place where children not just gain knowledge and skills but also make connections, socialise with their peers, and prepare for the future.

Sadly, increasing crime and violence are jeopardising this right to safety and security and putting, not just students, but teachers at risk as well.
Some of the most common security threats in schools include bullying, anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, trespassing, intrusions, vandalism, theft, and vehicle crime.

In the below media release, Mario Maio, founder of ACDC Dynamic’s R250 000 donation will assist with children's security to Laerskool Van Dyk Primary located in Van Dyk Park, Boksburg on the 15th of January 2022.


17 January 2022
Not just business, ACDC Dynamics cares for communities.

ACDC Dynamics has offered to beat criminals at their own game by installing CCTV cameras and security systems that monitor the school 24/7, regardless of the day or night and whether the school is open or closed.

Installing these CCTV cameras at Laerskool Van Dyk Primary will help monitor who is entering and leaving the school. Schools are supposed to be a safe and secure environment for all, where the focus should be on the students' individual growth, instead of worrying about safety and security threats.

LS Van Dyk Primary School is a Quantile 5, Section 21 Public school situated in Van Dyk Park, Boksburg. Starting from humble beginnings in 1975 with 509 learners and 16 teachers and has since grown in leaps and bounds, until today. They are now facilitating more than 2 000 learners and have almost 100 staff members.

With the commitment to helping towards the improvement of the learner’s safety & security, ACDC Dynamics is working harder to provide a safer environment for learners and teachers. With this initiative, they are striving to assist LS Van Dyk Primary, Boksburg with all their security needs, aiming to ensure a safe learning environment for all.

“Our country’s future is in the hands of our children,” CEO Mario Maio states. He added, “It’s up to individuals and business to acknowledge their vulnerability and look out for their safety and security, especially where they are learning and growing.”

ACDC Dynamics is doing just that, keeping the children of LS Van Dyk Primary safe, so they can flourish and grow with peace of mind.