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Latest News / LED Bulb 3 Packs, More is More

LED Bulb 3 Packs, More is More

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When the sentence “less is more” is more was first said, there were a few possible situations that could have led to the moment, we would like to share what we think some of those situations could be...

It is possible that the person was interrupted before they finished the sentence, and were actually trying to say “less is more terrible”, “less is more of a headache”, or even “less is mortally damaging to the point of inconsequentially questioning the intention of an existential paradox”.

It is possible that the person was trying to prove a very confusing point, and thought that saying something with clear opposites in the sentence would confuse the other party to the point that they could escape the argument with their dignity intact.

It is possible that they were only referring to something that they did not particularly like, perhaps broccoli or some sort of terrible tasting medicine.

It is possible that the person who said this did not know what words were, and they were just making random noises with their mouth.

Clearly at ACDC Dynamics this saying is not one that we are fond of. We firmly believe that “more is more, and less is a bore”. You can see our dedication to these principles in our new product offering of 3 packs of LED bulbs.

Now you have the perfect reason to stock up on replacement light bulbs, and make sure that you are never left even remotely in the dark.

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