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Latest News / New Draw Wire Available

New Draw Wire Available

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Pulling wire is an important and pivotal part of almost any major electrical installation. In fact it is almost impossible to complete any electrical installation of any size, without a substantial about of wire pulling. There are a few people who do everything that they can to avoid pulling wire, but this is no doubt because they simply do not know enough about how to do it, or possibly have some misconceptions or bad experiences around it. We will try to break down the basics for you.

The first and most important thing to remember about pulling wire, is to keep your end goal in mind. In existing electrical installations, it is often not feasible to lay new conduit for wiring, so it is necessary to run new wire through existing conduit. While there may be many methods of doing this, the most important factor you need to focus on is getting the wire through the conduit.

Another important factor to keep in mind when pulling wire, is to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Simply put, if you don’t have the right equipment, you will not even be able to get started. As much as we would all love the idea of wire that would pull itself through conduit, this is simply not something that is available. Draw wire and fish tape is some of the most common equipment used, but every electrician will be able to tell you a story of some special piece of equipment that they prefer to use for pulling wire, as we have already mentioned, whatever you feel is necessary to help you get the job done will be fine.

It is also important, no matter what method you are using when pulling wire, to make sure that you keep your wire as straight as possible. Any knots in the wire (even at the point of connection with draw wire or fish tape) can lead to very painful situations, where the wire gets caught in its journey through the conduit. This can be incredibly frustrating and should be avoided at all costs.

A lot of people prefer to pull wire by themselves. While this is fine, you have to keep in mind that sometime pulling wire is not a one person job. With two people, one working with the wire on each side, it is possible to get the job done much faster than by yourself.

A factor that is often neglected when pulling wire is the importance of adequate lubrication. While some people are adamant that this is not important and they can just muscle through the job, these people are often crazy. A little lubrication applied in the right place (normally at the connection between the wire and the draw wire or fish tape), insures that the entire job will go a little bit more smoothly.

The motion used when pulling wire also plays a very important role in getting the job done. While some people will just rip and tug at the wire with as much force as possible, more experienced electricians will tell you this a quick way to strip and damage the wire, or in some extreme nightmare cases even cause the wire to snap. The name of the game here is patience. Smooth, measured motions, with careful attention to the progress of the wire is what will get the job done in the fastest time possible.

In researching this article we also came across a fair amount of people (enough to warrant a mention here) who were adamant that too much wire pulling could cause a person to go blind. This is obviously completely preposterous, and there is no documented case of this ever happening. Barring any major industrial accident occurring while you are pulling wire, this is simply not a risk you should worry about. If this is something that still worries you, you could take the precaution of wearing safety goggles while pulling wire, to make sure that you are completely safe.

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