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Latest News / New in Stock: LED Effect Bulbs

New in Stock: LED Effect Bulbs

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There are many reasons why LED bulbs are so fantastic to use in interior design, and at ACDC Dynamics we are more than happy to discuss these with you, so you can make sure your rooms, or workplaces are looking incredible. If you have not already made the switch to LED bulbs, here are some great reasons why you should:

Longer Lasting Bulbs

LED lights are one of the most long-lasting lights available. When compared with normal fluorescents, the difference can be quite surprising. LEDs can last from around 25,000 to an impressive 50,000 hours while fluorescent bulbs last from 10,000 to 15,000 – the range is determined by the temperature and environmental factors where the bulbs are in use.

Some LED lights have even been known to last for 100,000 hours before they stop working completely. This long life span is made possible due to the fact that they are not subject to as much wear and tear as traditional bulbs as they do not suffer from problem like shortening wicks, burning filaments or consumable vapours.

This obviously means that maintenance and replacement is a dream with LED bulbs as you will have to replace them far fewer times than if you are using traditional bulbs.

Energy Efficient

One of the few reasons that people give for not using LED lighting is that the initial cost is generally higher than for traditional lighting. While this is true, LED lighting will be marginally more expensive than traditional lighting, however, this is not the only measure of cost. It is also necessary to look at the expensive of using those lights over time. This is the area where the LED lights show their true strength. With an 80% – 90% improvement in energy effiency, LED lighting costs substantially less to run than traditional lighting.

When you take into account the previous point of the longer lifespan of an LED bulb, meaning that you could have replaced a traditional bulb up to five times in the lifespan of a single LED bulb, over the lifespan of a single LED bulb, you are making substantial savings when compared to traditional bulbs. .

Heat Is Not a Problem
Because of the practical use of electrical energy, the LED bulbs are not hot to the touch as traditional bulbs are. Traditional, incandescent bulbs, turn most of the energy they use into heat – with LEDs this problem has been solved, leading to the huge increases in energy efficiency already mentioned.

This means they make planning the lighting of a room far easier, as heat is no longer a factor you need to concern yourself with. Additionally, the LED bulbs are generally less hazardous because of the absence of glass, and resultant resistance to breakage from any kinds of bumps or vibrations. .

Small Spaces

Size is also one of the fantastic characteristics of LED bulbs. Traditional bulbs simply cannot hope to compare – starting from around 3 millimetres big, LED bulbs can fit in any space you wish to put them in, no matter how limited that space might be.

This means it is very easy to create an impressive display using LED bulbs as they can be used as individual lights, either arranged together or independently. You can also direct your light with LED bulbs, something not possible without substantial effort with traditional bulbs which emit light in every direction. So with LED bulbs you are truly only limited in your application, by your own imagination.

Design Flexibility

Efficient illumination is easy to achieve when using LED bulbs for any interior; combining and arranging LEDs in any kind of design you choose allows for a huge amount of flexibility in any of your designs. With the additional benefit of several colours being available, and even from the same LED bulb, you have complete control to create the effect you choose, whether it’s clinical, romantic, relaxed or dramatic.

Some LED bulbs you can dim, and some you can shine brightly. You can play with their colours and the way they’re distributed throughout the room, highlighting features and drawing attention to areas that you feel should be noted by any visitors.

As you will be able to see from the range of LED effect bulbs below, it is also possible to let the LED bulb itself be the feature, without the need for a fancy fitting to put the bulb into.

Light Immediately and Can Be Switched Often

You don’t have to wait for LED bulbs to warm up – they are at full power immediately after being switched on. Even if they are switched on and off constantly, this will not damage or impair them in any way, because their longevity and brightness isn’t at all affected by the frequency of their use.

This is due to the nature of the technology – traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs superheat a medium in order to produce the light you need, but LED bulbs do not rely on heat to operate at all.

We hope that we have convinced you to make the switch to LED bulbs, please feel free to have a look at the new, incredible range of LED bulbs that we have available below.
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