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Latest News / New in Stock: Television Brackets

New in Stock: Television Brackets

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In a short space of time, the television has gone from an absolute luxury that only the most well off of households could afford, to an accepted part of any house, to the extent that it feels strange if a house is missing one. It is now commonplace to see a flat screen television in almost any household that you visit, and if you’re like most people, that beautiful flat screen is sitting on a table or stand in your living room or bedroom, instead of being mounted on a wall as it is meant to be. If you’ve been putting it off, because you are intimidated by the installation process, or are not sure that you want to mount your flat screen television, we have a few tips to offer you, to help you out.

First it is important to decide on why it is so important to mount your flat screen on a wall. There are a few excellent reasons that we can give you. The most obvious, is that a flat screen mounted on a wall simply looks better than one resting on a table top surface, and generally makes a room feel cleaner and less cluttered. The next reason is that by mounting your flat screen television on a wall you will be saving a substantial amount of space in the room, as you can do away with whatever unit the television was previously resting on. Finally, it is much safer to have your expensive flat screen television, securely mounted on a wall, rather than resting on a flat surface, where it can easily be tipped over, especially if there are any pets or children in the house.

Now if you have already decided to go ahead with your installation, we can give you some tips to help you along…

Firstly you need to make sure the bracket you buy for wall mounting you flat screen television is the correct size. Most brackets will be made with a range of sizes in mind, it is important to make sure that your television falls within the range stipulated by the bracket you are buying.

Next when working on mounting the bracket to your television, always make sure to remove the standing base from the television, and to place the television on a flat, stable surface, and always on a soft padded item, such as a blanket or towel, in order to prevent damage to the screen that might be caused by shifting.

Some televisions might have the mounting holes on the back of the television plugged with screws, so when looking for the mounting holes for the bracket on the back of the television, keep this in mind.

Take your time when drilling holes into the wall for installing your mounting bracket. These need to be absolutely level (a spirit level and pencil will be your best friend here), unless you want to have literally every visitor to your house commenting on how your screen seems slightly “off” somehow.

Make absolutely sure that all the possible screws are tightened as much as possible (even using a power drill if need be), without stripping any of them. On top of this, when mounting your television for the first time, let go of the television very slowly, to make sure that the bracket and installation can handle the weight of the television adequately.

With the fantastic range of flat screen television mounting brackets now available from ACDC Dynamics, we have everything you need to get that television up on your wall!
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