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Latest News / New LED Highbay Bulbs

New LED Highbay Bulbs

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Industrial facilities need high quality LIGHTING to keep workers safe and factories productive. Lighting solutions not only need to be durable enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, dirty power, and vibration, but also must comply with applicable fire, safety, and material codes. In addition to these requirements, the luminaires should require only minimal maintenance and be energy efficient. Because of recent advances in LED technology, industrial facility managers now have other options than just the traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lamps of yesterday, and can achieve substantial savings in energy and lighting maintenance LED. Today’s LED systems use 2–3 times less energy and require up to 90% less maintenance compared with traditional Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium High-intensity discharge lamps—bringing lighting to the forefront of sustainability and cost reduction initiatives. Factories and plants are upgrading mission critical lighting applications to achieve rapid payback on investment with significantly better light quality and control. .

This new range of LED highbay lamps introduces an E40 fitting, for incredibly easy installation or retrofitting. Often people do not want to replace old conventional highbay lighting in their factories due to the difficulty of doing so. With these LED lamps, all you need to do is remove the shade (depending on which lamp you have chosen), and the gear tray from the gearbox of the old highbay, and you can plug the lamp directly into the old fitting. New installations are even easier, as the lamps easily plug into any standard E40 fitting, no control gear or other complications required.

Add this to the fact that the LED bulbs are high-powered, with a high lumen output, with the long life that you can expect from all LED bulbs, and you have an easy, flexible, energy and cost efficient lighting solution that can be used almost anywhere.

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