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Online Solar Training P2



The Solar Photovoltaic 2 day practical course has been presented to more than 2000 electricians and engineers in the energy sector since 2015. Through access to PQRS data and market intelligence the Excel Photovoltaic Installer and designer course is more than just the average course, during the presentation consideration is given to what competitors are doing, costs per kilowatts, SLA’s and how the Electronic Power Control can remain competitive.

This 2 day solar Photovoltaic practical training course will address the need for people, organisations or small businesses that require information on sizing, assessing and the installation of solar PV Systems

Who Should Attend
The course content is ideal for experienced candidates, engineers and electricians as well as organisations and small business that are considering approaching the Renewable energy Sector.
There are no formal prerequisites but it is advisable that one should attend and completed the Solar P1 exams. Excitement about renewable energy an eager mind and willingness to participate will help you succeed in completing the assessment. A compilation of straight forward calculations and relative knowledge of electrical principles will be an added advantage

Course Structure
Solar photovoltaic Excel course is a 2-day instructor led training programme which comprises of both a theoretical and practical component. At the end of each session students will be required to complete a formal summative assessment with a pass mark of 80% in order to move to the next level. Interaction is promoted through continuous dialogue with questions and answers.

What Learning will take place
A Face-to-face learning environment and consists of approximately 200 slides, broken down into:

  • Chapters
  • Modules
  • Topics
  • Concepts / Principles

Module Outcomes
After having attended this course, students should have a clear understanding of the Installation and safety guidelines concerning Solar Installations, including various components, brands, and functions of equipment.

Course layout

  1. Coefficients
  2. Mounting structures
  3. Electrical Switching & Safety
  4. Batteries
  5. Surge Protection and Earthing
  6. Standards & Safety
  7. System Sizing

What certification will I receive?

At the end of each session students will receive a certificate of attendance that holds 2CPD points and on completion on the summative assessment learners will each receive a test certificate from the Association of Renewable Energy Practitioner