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Latest News / ORBIS Timer Switches

ORBIS Timer Switches

ORBIS Timer Switches

ACDC Dynamics is proud to present the fantastic range of DIN mounted digital timer switches from ORBIS.

A timer switch operates an electric switch controlled by a timing mechanism. The switch may be connected to an electric circuit operating from mains power, including via a relay or contactor; or low voltage. It may be built into power circuits (as with a water heater timer).

The timer may switch equipment on, off, or both, at a preset time, after an interval, or cyclically. A cyclical timer switches equipment both on and off at preset times over a period, then repeats the cycle; the period is usually 24 hours or 7 days. For example, a heating timer may supply heat for a specified period during the morning and evening every weekday, and all day on weekends.

Time switches can be used for many purposes, including saving electricity by consuming it only at times when it is required, switching equipment on, off, or both at times required, and for security purposes (for example switching lights in a pattern that gives the impression that someone is present on the premises) to reduce the likelihood of burglary. Additionally they work well for irrigation applications, alternation of water pumps, automatic feeding systems in farms, ventilation systems in factories and garages, controlling of access barriers and doors, shift change sirens in schools and factories, control of lighting and purification in swimming pools and water features.

Digital timer switches specifically offer various advantages over other options. They allow daily, weekly or monthly programming, with one or two channel versions, for independent control of circuits. They allow for pulse programming, perfect for ringing sirens, as well as cycle programming for alternation of water pump equipment or CO2 extraction in industrial environments. They allow for the inclusion of a holiday setting, perfect for seasonal applications. Random switching can also be used for presence simulation. Digital timers can also be locked with a PIN code to avoid unauthorised handling. The backlit screens also allow for programming in bad lighting, without the need for any other light source, useful when working in distribution boxes.

Specifically there are two ranges of ORBIS timer switches available from ACDC Dynamics:

DATA LOG timer switches

This unit can fit on any DIN rail, requiring only two modules of space. It is easily programmable with an easy to navigate menu. The Data Log range can hold up to 40 daily or weekly programs. It can be easily activated or deactivated manually, either temporarily or permanently. These units have an interchangeable backup battery, with up to 10 years of operation. Most incredibly, it can be programmed via a tablet or smartphone, using the Bluetooth dongle connection and the related app, making programming of even the most complex instructions, an absolute pleasure.

ASTRO NOVA time switch

In addition to all the features offered by the Data Log range, this time switch is designed to automatically calculate sunrise and sunset as a function of the geographic location that is input through its menu. This is perfect for lighting applications, and removes the need for any day/night sensors that would normally be required for these applications.

For any additional technical queries on these time switches, please feel free to contact our technical call centre on +27 10 202 3500.

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