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Careers / Polygraph Examiner (Truth Verification)

Polygraph Examiner (Truth Verification)
Reference Number "LONG-PEX-001"
Date Posted : 23 July 2020   Available Positions :  1
Overview :
  • Interrogate and screen individuals to detect deception or to verify truthfulness, using polygraph equipment and standard polygraph techniques. 
  • Attach apparatus to individual in order to measure and record changes in respiration, blood pressure and electrical resistance of skin as a result of perspiration changes
  • Evaluate reactions to questions of a non-emotional nature
  • Interpret and diagnose individual’s emotional response to key questions recorded on graph
  • Prepare reports and keep record of all polygraph examinations
  • Analyse voice stress charted on moving tape needle of recording device for deception or truthfulness verification
Duties :
  • Make use of equipment used in forensic voice stress analysis
  • Must be able to interpret the voice stress and polygraph data
  • Manage the risk to the organisation, employees, customers and assets 
  • Analysing statistics and preparing reports
  • Travel to branches / stores across the country to administer Polygraph tests for new employment, for specific incidents i.e. where theft has occurred or other conduct was reported
  • Liaise with law enforcement to assist with investigations of incidents, theft, etc
  • Advise management on legal compliance
  • Manage sensitive information regarding investigations involving company personnel
  • Pre-employment screening to screen for previous acts of theft, fraud and dishonesty
  • Train branch management to accurately write statements of evidence and how to gather relevant information
  • Investigate all criminal / fraudulent acts within the company
  • Keep detailed records of examinations
  • Run fingerprints through criminal database to obtain matches
Qualifications, Skills and Competencies :
  • Polygraph examination training
  • Voice stress analysis training
  • Conducting Polygraph tests on the LX Software
  • Air Force Modified General Question Techniques: 
    • Zone Comparison Technique,
    • Utah Zone Technique,
    • Directed Lie Screening Technique,
    • Bi-Zone Technique Chart Evaluations
  • Writing Polygraph reports