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Latest News / Prepaid Water Meters

Prepaid Water Meters

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Do you sub-meter water use in your building? If you haven’t started, it’s time to seriously consider this mechanical solution for your buildings’ operations. Water sub-metering is an often overlooked tool, but it can help you manage your home and building water bills more smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages for landowners

Easy control of water bills
Cheaper meters and faster installation
Reduced administration and risk
Option to set your tariff so that the commercial tenants pay any vending fees for you
State of the art reporting available online
Improved cash flow, any water used through the meter is paid back to the owner, guaranteed

Advantages for tenants

Tighter water usage controls lead to reduced usage and water costs
No unexpected large bills
Convenient token purchase options available
Help desk on standby every day from 07h00 to 22h00 to resolve any prepaid meter issues


There is no limit to how many sub-meters can be connected to the primary council meter. The only limitation is that the prepaid meters have to be installed “down-stream” of a council meter. The prepaid meters can be installed by any technically competent person who is able to follow the required regulations. The prepaid meter must be protected by a suspended sediment strainer (sold separately).


Each meter is registered to the owners of the property where the meter is installed. Registration can be done telephonically through the help desk in as little as 10 minutes. Registration information required includes:
Property address
Property owner name, ID and contact number
Nominated bank account

Buying tokens

Tokens can be bought at the retailers shown in the picture below, or via EFT with the instructions shown after. Once these have been bought it is simple to load the tokens onto the prepaid meter by entering the 20 digit code provided. This money is then paid back to the registered owner of the prepaid meter.

Help desk details:

Telephone: 087 354 5566 (daily from 07h00 to 22h00)
SMS: 47700

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