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Careers / Purchasing Manager - Longmeadow

Procurement Manager - Longmeadow
Responsible to oversee the purchasing department to ensure optimum performance and manage all aspects of purchasing to efficiently and cost-effectively support organisational operations and achievement of profit margins.
Typical Job Functions include, but are not limited to:
Processes and Procedures
- Monitor ongoing compliance with purchasing policies and procedures
- Propose improvements to the current purchasing system and processes that will improve vendor relationships and lower the cost of doing business
- Pro-actively create profitable ways to manage obsolete and slow moving stock to help offset losses in co-operation with Operations Manager
- Manage the Company’s day-to-day purchasing activities and ensure that all buyers are meeting their personal performance standards
- Assist in developing more effective invoicing and collecting processes together with operations and Financial Heads
- Collaborate with inventory control and sales to develop metrics for gauging inventory level needs and maintaining those levels
- Document and refresh existing purchasing policies, procedures and best practices subject to authorisation by the Managing Member
- Ensure all items are purchased and delivered within budget and time constraints
- Manage vendor and supplier selection processes based on price, quality and delivered within budget and time constraints
- Establish and update approved vendor / supplier database
- Evaluate contracts to ensure compliance with legal requirements and organisational policies
- Monitor supplier / vendor compliance with contractual agreement and suppliers cost, quality and delivery performance
- Manage risk relating to quality, cost, delivery and supply of purchases
- Review and authorize purchase orders with proper authorisation in compliance with Company Policy and Procedures
- Monitor and reduce purchase variances to meet profit objectives
- Produce reports daily, weekly and monthly on purchase commitments, costs and delivery performance
- Assess the current status of the company’s NRCS/LOA applications
- Implement a management system to ensure that the company’s compliance in terms of the NRCS/LOA’s is up to date
- Manage the open purchase orders and ensure that a minimum of 50% if these open purchase orders have the correct ETA dates logged onto the system ACCPAC
- Adhere to the company’s expectation is that a purchase order should have the EPI and confirmed within 5 days of the order being raised
- All purchase orders paid in full must have ETA dates within 50 days
- All bill of landings to be submitted to bank within 10days of receipt of said document.
Employee Management
- Oversee the operations and daily staff activities of the purchasing department which will include the implementation of a planning schedule for tea/lunch times, ensuring that the Department is correctly manned at all times
- Performance manage, develop and motivate procurement staff
- Direct continuous improvement of purchasing processes in line with changing company needs and market conditions
- Determine staffing requirements and/or recruitment of new staff when necessary
- Manage all Procurement staff according to overall company policy, procedures and rules
- Apply strategic planning to determine company, department or unit objectives as and when requested
- Set Procurement staff goals and objectives
- Develop staff to maximize potential by Upskilling within the procurement process
- Monitor staff performance including performance reviews
- Delegate work duties to staff to attain objectives
- Allocate use of available resources as and when required to maximise productivity
- Ensure that a current tea/lunch time schedule is in place at all times
- Monitor and assist staff with work progress
- Responsible for the achievement of department productivity and quality goal
- Draw up and implement weekly and monthly KPI’s for local and international buyers as well as compliance officer
Education, Experience and Skills:
- Diploma / Degree in business administration/ materials management/ Operations Management or Related Field
- Solid experience in purchasing and procurement
- Managerial experience (4yrs +)
- Working knowledge of all the laws and regulations relating to procurement and contracts
- Strong financial acumen
- High competency level in MS Office applications and working experience on ACCPAC
- Strong knowledge of supply chain management required
- Proven history of developing / maintaining effective inventory
- Management processes required
Key Competencies:
- Communication Skills
- Negotiation Skills
- Networking Skills
- Planning / Organizational Skills
- Analytical Skills
- Problem Solving Skills
- Judgement ability
- Results Orientated
- Team work
- Attention to detail
- Tenacity
- Staff Management
- Provident Fund
- Medical Aid
If you don’t hear back from us within 14 days of your application please consider your application unsuccessful