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Solar Excite

Course Overview - Excite

Thinking of expanding your business into renewables? Not sure which information can be trusted? Thinking of having a solar system installed or even doing it yourself?
The Solar Excite course is ideal for candidates that have little or no knowledge of electricity and how it works.

Whether you

  • Require information on sizing, assessing and installing a Solar PV
  • experienced candidates, engineers and electricians and organisation interested in approaching the Real estate sector just starting out
  • experienced candidates, engineers and electricians as well as organisations thinking of approaching the RE sector.

Why the need for an Introductory course?
This course was created to address the need for people, organisations or small businesses that require information on sizing, assessing and installing a Solar PV
During this Online session you can expect to see a variety of practical examples

  • i.e, testing voltage and short-circuit current of modules,
  • experiments with shading and partial shading of modules.

There are no formal pre-requisites for this course.

Compatible Operating system

  • Knowledge of how to operate Microsoft teams
  • Eager to learn attitude

Module Outcomes
After having attended the session, students will

  • have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of a Solar PV System
  • Understand the following concepts of a Solar PV System.
    • Differentiate or assess differences between what could potentially be good and poor quality equipment.
    • Know how PV technologies differ and identify different technologies
    • Know how storage technologies differ from an application point of view
    • Know how storage technologies differ from a technology point of view
    • Perform calculations relevant to the design of a system i.e. battery cost of energy equation, load calculation, power and energy calc, module string calculation, series and parallel calculation, temp co-efficient calc, volt drop, number of batteries required, nr of modules required.
    • Understand the impact of heat on modules and size a string
    • Know the basic differences in types of systems & applications
    • Different types of inverters
    • Available module technologies
    • Terminating and connecting conductors
    • Determine whether it is viable to go Off-grid or grid tied
    • Combiner boxes, fuses.
    • How to use and where to apply - Power vs energy
    • Standards & electrical regulations applicable to solar PV and storage installations
    • Safety with PV installations
    • Candidates attending will have access to a PV Installation C.o.C spreadsheet
    • As an added bonus, we explore business development strategies such as, how and where to advertise, how and where to find work in the sector, gaining experience and how to become an electrician through Recognition of Prior Learning.

Interaction is promoted through continuous dialogue with questions and answers.

Timing and Duration

  • Excite is a 2-day course and includes 8 x 90-minute sessions.
  • Mode of training: Online
  • Trainer: Qualified and certified PV Technician – Carel Ballack
  • Cost of the training – R 2500.00 excl VAT
  • Dates 20 - 21 April 2021