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Latest News / Sunflower and Her Solar Power

Sunflower and Her Solar Power

Sunflower and Her Solar Power
This article is part of a series, to see the full series you can click here.

Hello all you lovely flowers reading this. I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule of gardening, planting and embracing the wonder we call earth to tell you how I manage to stay so cool all the time. It didn’t surprise me that my earth partners over at ACDC Dynamics have asked me to give you all the insight as to how I stay so cool. They all clearly look up to me for their inspiration on coolness.

So let me tell you all a little about myself. I am known as Sunflower because that is what my parents named me. It is possible they had some sort of future vision that let them see how obsessed I would be with all things nature, or it is just an indication of how much Acid they were dropping at the time, I am not sure. I like to think that the copious amounts of Acid they were on at the time is what gave them their future sight, and that is why they named me so well. I absolutely love wandering through the wilderness, camping with my AMAZING and COOL friends (that is what I call the animals of the wilderness, I have not been able to get any actual people to come with me on a camping trip yet). A lot of people will also call me a tree hugger, like, really people? Have you ever tried to hug a tree? It is quite gross, and the last time I tried I got a rash on the inside of my arms. BUT I don’t mind being called a tree hugger because in all honesty I am better and cooler than anyone else because I care about nature and for all good things in nature (even the freaks going around hugging trees) unlike the rest of the world.

This is what real tree hugging looks like people, time to wake up and smell the rash cream!

Many people think that being so obsessed with nature and wanting to change the planet is difficult but it isn’t - not with the help from my world sharers at ACDC Dynamics! They always have the right solution for me and of course they will for you, my nature loving pals!

Something you can do to make you just the COOLEST person in the entire world is to take time out of your busy schedule and get right into the heart of mother earth herself. Take a holiday! Why do you even have a job anyway? You getting money is not helping the planet. Make sure to take lots of photos while you are in the wilderness, you will make all your city friends jealous, when they see how close to nature you are! I say this because the only thing you need to make you cool is nature nature NATURE! A car to drive you to nature, and some bottled water and pre-packed meals from Woolies also helps. Oh yes and a mini fridge to keep all your snacks fresh and a microwave to warm up all your food. And a nice clean bathroom. Maybe an airconditioned room as well? Other than that though, just nature nature nature! Staying focused on making the world a healthier environment is my primary focus and because of that it has made me oh so very humble and caring therefore making me the best. If people disagree it does not matter because they don’t care about helping the world in the way that I do.

Now this is nature at its absolute best, just you and the elements, one on one

A bit of advice that I will give you, is that being prepared with the right gear is essential. My planet pals at ACDC Dynamics have definitely helped me out with all my natural essentials. I have found all things such as Solar off-grid solutions, Solar Camp Lights, different Solar Lanterns to choose from as well as a Solar Light and Radio and a Solar Carry bag making it way easier for me to carry around all my solar needs with me when I go camping (which is the best activity ever by the way). A lot of people forget that the sun is, basically, like, the earth’s lightbulb that you never have to change, so we should totally take advantage of that. Just because you are so focussed on Nature, doesn’t mean that you have to go without life’s bare necessities right? Having my Solar Carry bag is super duper amazing because I am able to have my solar cellphone charger with me at all times to take more selfies than was thought humanly possible, and to keep in touch with all my bug eating friends [editors note: we hope that Sunflower is still referring to her animal friends here, although we are not sure what the cellphone is for then].

If more people could just realise this big ball of fire, means free power (after you pay for all the equipment), the world would be a better place

At ACDC Dynamics we have a fantastic range of solar products that you can choose from, and they are all on special right now. Please see below for more details.

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