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Latest News / Surfer Dan and His Fans

Surfer Dan and His Fans

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Yooit to all my bru’s and lady bru’s out there! You will have to excuse me if I sound a little bit kussed out, but I have just come in from a little 4 hour session of absolute laceration on some cooking waves. My kanoni’s over at ACDC Dynamics have asked me to give some tips on a lank interesting topic, they want to know how I stay so cool. Like, sho bru. Way to blow my mind, this is a tough one to answer.

I had to go DEEP into my think tank for this one

I suppose I have to dedicate majority of my coolness to the lady in my life, or my wife, if you are one of those ballies who need to label everything. She can be temperamental, changing her moods from one second to the next, but when she is lekker she is LEKKER. She makes sure to keep me in line, if I ever start acting like a bit of a mullet, she is the first one to give me carrots. Make no mistake, she makes me work, it’s not like I can just charf her and she will rock up when I want. It’s not all hardships though, when she is firing, there is no-one in the world that can make me stoked as she can. She doesn’t leave me a lank lot of time for other stuff in my life, like a job, or responsibilities, but like, that stuff sounds swak anyway. I would say she makes me who I am bru. [Editors note: As far as we can tell, he is talking about the Ocean, or at least we really, really hope he is, because when we asked to meet his wife and get to know her, he said “Bru, the best way to do that is dive right in and ride her yourself”]

[Editor’s note: Getting to know Surfer Dan’s wife (we hope)]

The next area I reckon you should focus on in your life, if you want to be lank cool, is on removing everything that is unnecessary. If it is not building up your stoke, then just tune it to duck bru. I have already tuned you about jobs and responsibilities, like don’t be a Gautie, letting all the lekker parts of life pass you by while you are sukkeling at a naf job, or paying bills, or living in a house, or doing chores, or having access to running water, you don’t need that noise in your life bru. It’s the same with this “personal hygiene” thing everyone keeps tuning me grief about. The ocean is like a gigantic bath bru, and I am in there every day for hours at a time, that must make me, like, the cleanest person I know. If you are getting comments about how you smell like “Spongebobs armpit” then you are probably right in the sweet spot, showing your true dedication to the surf and projecting an aura of raditude.

Buttons on your shirt Elon, you grommet? More like locks on your prison cell of extreme unhappiness. Give it all up and come surf!

If there is one last piece of advice I can give you to live your life by, it’s “don’t be k*k”. Very simple bru. If you check another oke has popped up on your wave, yes you want to moer that oke stukkend, but just take a breath and think to yourself “don’t be k*k”, and the feelings will pass. There will always be another wave bru. Or like, if you are crashing at your mates posie, dosing on his couch and grazing all his food, and he complains about the smell of your raditude, like no problem bru, just “don’t be k*k”. Go to ACDC Dynamics like I did, grab yourself a fan, and at night make sure to place it so that it is blowing away from your china’s room. Not only does it direct your raditude in another direction, but it keeps you nice and comfy on hot nights too. That is like, consideration deluxe bru!


So until next time, stay schweet all my bru’s and lady bru’s!

At ACDC Dynamics we have a fantastic range of fans on special right now. For more details you can read on below:

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