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Latest News / Warm, Cool? All in One Bulb!

Warm, Cool? All in One Bulb!

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Selecting what colour of light you would like in a room can be quite daunting. In fact when faced with this choice, majority of people will give the same answer: “You mean I have a choice? Like red, green or blue? I thought it was just all white light?”

To be clear for the purposes of this article we are only discussing the “white” spectrum of light, not any disco variations that might spring to mind. Even when looking at white light there are various options available.

To add to the confusion, the colour tint of white light is measured on a spectrum of temperature. This is done to approximate the colour of heated metal, and how it changes as the temperature of the metal in increased. So this means it moves from the lower end of the spectrum, red, on to yellow, and then to blue. So “warm white” would be considered a more yellow light, (around 2700 – 3000K), while “cool white” would be considered a more blue light (4000K).

So we come to the question of when to use warm or cool lighting. Any advice that we can give in this regard are more what you would call guidelines than actual rules, as it were.

The light that most people associate with “white light” in a normal room and with conventional halogen lamps is warm white (2700-3000K ), so this tends to be the more popular choice for homes. This type of light tends to soften anything that is viewed under them, and resultantly makes most things look better, as any harsh edges or cracks or defects are gently hidden away.

With a newer, more modern look however, cool white serves an excellent purpose. With this type of light it is far easier to pick out details, and anything viewed in this light seems more vibrant. With the level of detail that goes into some interior design these days, not everyone wants to hide the details of the room with soft lighting, that would prefer to use a cool white light to really show off specific features.

This means that your decision on what type of white light to use, can depend largely on the application of the area that you will be using it. Warm white is generally used in places where you would like to create a welcoming environment, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Cool White is normally used in places where some detail orientated work might be required, such as kitchens, bathrooms, studies, and office /retail spaces.

If this is a choice that just proves far too difficult to make, then we have the ideal solution for you at ACDC Dynamics. With this fantastic range of LED light bulbs, you can have the best of both worlds, and all at the simple click of a light switch. With an amazing built-in memory chip, this range of light bulbs can change between a warm white and a cool white setting. This requires no additional equipment at all, and it is as easy as screwing in the light bulb. When you want to change from cool white to warm white, you simply switch the light off, and switch it back on again. It couldn’t be any simpler. This will give you complete flexibility in any room that you need it.

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