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Wifi Timers


ACDC Revolutionizing The Way We Access Electronic Devices

They are easy to set up and are user friendly. With WiFi timers you will be able to turn on or off your electronics/appliances on 2G/3G/4G/WiFi network from anywhere at any time. Set schedules, countdown timers. Use your smartphones or tablets to set the schedule to automatically turn lamps, fans, holiday lights and other electrical devices on and off at programmed times. Set one or multiple on/off settings for each day of the week, daily cycles, or weekday- weekend cycles. Monitor real -time status feedback. You can even share the device control with your family members and friends.

Schedules and other settings are kept indefinitely in non-volatile memory and cloud storage. In the event of a power failure the timer will retain the programs once power is restored and WiFi is active again.

Internet data is required for initial timer set-up to the Wi-Fi, afterwards as long as your smartphone is connected to the same WiFi SSID you can control the device even without internet data.

The Smart Wifi timers can be integrated to Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control. They can be controlled using supported voice commands such as on/Off and status feedback check.

THE ACDC Range of WIFI timers include

  • ATMS1601 230VAC,
  • ATMS1601 230VAC and

HWF03T that we have in our ACDC range that work with ACDC SMART app.

The ACDC SMART App that is available on both the google play and apple iOS store.