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Latest News / Women's Day Bike Run 2017

Women's Day Bike Run 2017

ACDC Dynamics is proud to announce its involvement in the BARA (Bikers Against Rape and Abuse)/ EPIC Foundation fundraising Women’s day bike run. Collections were taken for rape victim kits, and ACDC Dynamics provided trucks at 2 of the collection points in order to transport any donations that were given in.

The run started in Brakpan at 06h30, and the intial turnout of 200 bikes was fantastic, considering how early it was on a public holiday. After an initial delay to re-plan the route due to the pedestrian bridge collapse on the N3 which completely shut down the highway, the bikers were off to a fantastic start

After a slight delay to help a biker with a broke down bike, the group arrived at the first stop on Beyers Naude, where they were joined by about another 30 bikers. At this point the pack was up to about 300 bikes and stretched for 2 km.

At the next stop, New Road in Midrand, another group of about 40 bikers joined the pack, and the run continued.

At the second to last stop (R21 Engen) a huge group of bikers were waiting to join the pack, adding easily over 100 bikers to the run.

After gearing up, the run headed on to Boksburg approaching the final stop, The Zone in Boksburg, on Cason Road. At this venue there were over 4000 people waiting for the rest of the bikers to arrive from their run. The arrival of the pack was well covered by local newspapers and radio stations.

At the venue Alta McAlester spoke about the Epic Foundation as well as the role she hopes it will play in raising awareness around the huge problem of woman abuse in South Africa, as well as taking solid steps to drastically reducing the completely unacceptable high incidence rate. The story that she shared around her own rape and abuse, and subsequent struggle to cope with life afterwards, was truly eye opening and inspirational in the bravery that she showed.

The event was a huge success, and we hope to see it grow next year, and we would like to thank Mario Maio for agreeing to supply the 2 vans for the day.