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Latest News / XsighTing and his Lighting

XsighTing and his Lighting

XsighTing and his Lighting
This article is part of a series, to see the full series you can click here.

What’s cracking good people? Are Yal good? I know you know who I am, sure you do... but for the few of you who don’t, I am gonna fill you in because you can’t afford to not know the coolest rapper to ever grace this planet. To be quite honest, if I were you, I would rather not ask someone who XsighTing is, because you are highly likely to be laughed at. However here goes…

I am almost 100% certain that I was born in Atlanta Georgia, USA. Me and Ludacris, separated at birth dog. However my parents seem to be under the impression that I was born in Brakpan, South Africa. Like whatever, how do you explain my American accent that only started when I hit puberty, know what i’m sayin’? And how come it doesn’t matter what pants I am wearing, you can always see my underpants peeking over the top? For trill homies. But yeah… That’s a story for another day. Long story short, I grew up in Brakpan with my momz, pops and lil bro, but I have been hustling my whole life to make sure I can get back to my spiritual home, where there will definitely be a cool view, basketball court, personal chef and stylist to keep my mohawk lookin’ fresh to def.

You paid good money for those boxers homie, why would you not want to show them off?

Now let’s talk some music! I’ve been rapping since I was born. Rhymes are my thang. I spit hot fire all day errday. My popz has never been big on the idea of me rapping (he likes to tell people that I can’t even wrap Christmas presents, HAHA real funny, why do you have to do me like that popz?) but he’s slowly getting used to the idea that I was just born with it, I’m the coolest star around. My high school had a pretty cool set-up for their drama department, with a full stage and working lights. I didn’t find out about it because I was in the drama club, and if anyone tells you that I was, it is a dirty lie, and you should punch that fool in the face. I used to spend hours under those lights writing lyrics and spitting rhymes with maself. Now that I have been out of school for 8 years, they get touchy when I still go there every week, but I am just trying to stay true to my roots you know? My future biggest hit “Dynamic pendants” was inspired by lights. Let me give you just a little taste (I swear I will be finished with a complete song this year, and then it’s just a few more years until my album drops):

My friends waiting around for my first album to drop

“Lights lights lights everywhere I see,
Nowhere else but in the spotlight is where i’d rather be!
The rap game is my delight
For that’s where my talent applies.
Beams beams beams,
The star of your life that’s what I is...
Dynamic pendants, I always knew i’d be independent!
I fill up the dome every weekend I know you are always in attendance!
I’m the XsighTing, the best you never knew you needed!

I just dropped that mic so hard that the crater it left behind can be seen from outer space dog!

So my homies over at ACDC Dynamics have asked me to explain to my adoring masses, just what it is that makes XsighTing so cool. Now this is not a secret I share lightly, but some mention has already gone down about drama club lies, so if I go down it's gonna be in a blaze of glory. All my power, all my hustle, all my flow, comes directly from my mohawk. Now don’t start laughing right away, I am being for real dog. Before I had this beautiful specimen of fine human achievement perched on top of my dome, I was nothin’, less than nothin’ even. As soon as I got this bad boy up there, I got the confidence to be who I am. So now you must be asking how I get it to look so good? That’s another easy answer. Fantastic lighting. I need to be able to see each and every hair as I sculpt it into place for 2 hours, every morning. On that front my homies at ACDC Dynamics have got you covered. With their selection of lighting, you can make sure that when you are in your bathroom, you have enough illumination to see your skeleton (I am talking about a flood light above your bathroom mirror). When you are looking this fly, nobody will every question your coolness again (not even those damn drama club nerds that just will not leave you alone).

At ACDC Dynamics we have a fantastic range of solar light, torches, cable ties and thermal imaging cameras on special right now. For more details you can read on below:

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